Echoes of Africa

February 1 – 9, 2024.

Embarking on a voyage through time, Echoes of Africa will sweep audiences into Africa's diverse histories at pivotal junctures. This film series weaves together the tapestry of African experiences, triumphs, dreams, and realities. From poignant narratives of unwavering love and resilience to gripping sagas of individual victory, Echoes of Africa presents a vivid mosaic of African perspectives, capturing the enduring resonance of its cinema. With spellbinding stories like The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (1999), Le Franc (1994), and Monangambé (1968), audiences can anticipate an enthralling cinematic odyssey that leaves them stirred, enlightened, and intimately connected with Africa’s vibrant essence.  

Programmed and notes by guest programmer Mo Abudu.   

Co-presented with the NAACP