Sambizanga preceded by Monangambé 

Sambizanga preceded by Monangambé 

Introduction by guest programmer Mo Abudu, CEO EbonyLife Group

Sarah Maldoror presents a groundbreaking revelation in her work that documents the emergence of Angola's movement for independence. Drawing from authentic events, Sambizanga portrays the journey of a young lady from the outskirts of Luanda toward the heart of the city in search of her spouse who was apprehended by the Portuguese authorities. This occurrence becomes a catalyst, sparking a nationwide insurrection. Enlisting a cast of non-professional actors, many of whom were active participants in the anti-colonial resistance, this seminal piece pays homage to the pivotal roles played by women in African society. It also underscores the adversities they withstand in the global pursuit of emancipation.  

DIRECTED BY: Sarah Maldoror. WRITTEN BY: Sarah Maldoror, Mário Pinto de Andrade, Maurice Pons. WITH: Elisa Andrade, Domingos de Oliveira, Jean M’Vondo. 1972. 102 min. Angola/France. Color. Portuguese. DCP.  
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During a prison visit, a woman confides a promise to her husband, setting the stage for an unexpected chain of events. Tragically, a sentinel's misconstrued perception ignites a calamitous sequence, subjecting the couple to the harrowing ordeals of interrogation and torment. This narrative, cowritten by the filmmaker’s then-husband, Mário Pinto de Andrade, poignantly illustrates the consequences of a misread intention, unraveling lives through a cruel twist of fate, underscored by music from the influential Art Ensemble of Chicago.   

DIRECTED BY: Sarah Maldoror. WRITTEN BY: Sarah Maldoror, Serge Michel, Mário Pinto de Andrade. WITH: Carlos Pestana, Noureddine Dreis, Mohamed Zinet, Athmane Sabi. 1968. 16 min. Angola. B&W. French. DCP. 

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