Thirst (박쥐) in 35mm 

Thirst (박쥐) in 35mm 

Thirst is the vampire genre redefined with a quirky sense of humor and keen insight on the dark territories surrounding the human condition. Song Kang-ho plays a moral priest who accidentally turns into a vampire after volunteering for a medical experiment and is faced with the dilemmas of his new existence. In Thirst, Song showcases his exceptional mastery over satire, contributing exceptional and ironic tonality throughout the film.    

DIRECTED BY: Park Chan-wook. WRITTEN BY: Park Chan-wook, Chung Seo-kyeong. WITH: Song Kang-ho, Kim Ok-vin, Kim Hae-sook, Shin Ha-kyun. 2009. 133 min. South Korea. Color. Scope. Korean. Rated R. 35mm. 

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