The Unseen Scene: An Academy Film Archive Trailer Show

The Unseen Scene: An Academy Film Archive Trailer Show

The Manchurian Candidate, 1962

Existing in the liminal space between marketing and art, trailers are multifaceted in their function: at worst, a blatant misrepresentation or catalyst of spoilers; at best, a film in miniature to be appreciated in its own right. Presented entirely on 35mm film, primarily sourced from the world’s largest collection of movie trailers at the Academy Film Archive, this program highlights classic coming attractions containing unique material created solely for promotion. Rather than wholly consisting of the expected selection of scenes from the films advertised, these retro trailers incorporate elements extending beyond the final cut. Exclusive material takes on various forms, ranging from specialty artwork and animation to behind-the-scenes footage, introductions hosted by filmmakers, elaborate marketing campaigns, and even trailers that refrain from exhibiting a single frame of the film itself. By serving as experimental companion pieces to feature presentations, these short films take on a dimension of their own.  

Programmed and note by Academy Film Archive Film Preservationists Cassie Blake and Tessa Idlewine. 
Total program runtime: 70 min. 

Academy Museum film programming generously funded by the Richard Roth Foundation. 

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