The River

Selected by the Sound Branch. Free for Museum Members. Special guest: Introduction by co-supervising sound editor Vickie Rose Sampson.

Selected by the Sound Branch.
Free for Museum Members.

Sissy Spacek (in her fourth performance nominated for Best Actress) and Mel Gibson star as Mae and Tom Garvey, a loving couple struggling to keep their farm and family together in the face of financial stress and the fickleness of nature. Veteran sound editor Kay Rose worked closely with the film’s nominated composer John Williams to find the right balance of sound effects and music—Rose earned a Special Achievement Award for the film’s sound effects editing, the first Oscar won by a female sound editor, and the film was also nominated for its Cinematography and Sound.

DIRECTED BY: Mark Rydell. WRITTEN BY: Robert Dillon, Julian Barry. STORY BY: Robert Dillon. WITH: Sissy Spacek, Mel Gibson, Scott Glenn, Billy Green Bush. 1984. 124 min. USA. Color. English. Rated PG-13. 35mm.

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