The Promise Workshops

The Promise Workshops

The Promise Workshops bring together the empowering and expressive nature of filmmaking with professional skill development and healing to Los Angeles area emerging adults ages 18–26. 

Filmmaking Workshops for Ages 18-26

To fill out a Call for Interest, click here or download the form here. Due date is April 16, 2023

We highly encourage you to apply for The Promise Workshops if you identify with the following criteria: 

  • You are 18–26 years old;  

  • You are BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+; 

  • Your experience intersects with being system impacted through:

    • Incarceration

    • Foster care or group home living

    • Disability

    • Displacement

    • Houselessness

    • Other, please describe in the Call for Interest form  

  • And/or you have not been able to receive your high school diploma or GED, or have not yet had an opportunity to seek out higher education;  

  • And you are excited by the opportunity to gain media skills, learn about pathways into creative fields and the film industry; are seeking mentorship; and sees filmmaking as a tool to communicate your unique experience.  

The Promise Workshops are a paid* opportunity. The program runs for 15 weeks starting May 2, 2023. We will meet two times per week on Tuesday evenings and on Sundays.    

You will receive:

  • Personalized instruction on making your own short film using advanced digital technologies

  • Mentorship from Academy members and local Los Angeles–based filmmakers

  • Time to engage in discussion around the intersections of filmmaking, healing, and community issues while making new friends around shared experience and interests

No prior filmmaking experience is required, but it is welcome! Transportation can be provided. An 8-hour commitment per week is required. 

Email us at to learn more or call and leave a message at (310) 247-3000 x3423. 

* Full payment dependent upon participation and completion of the program.
The Promise Workshops are made possible by a generous gift from Melina and Eric Esrailian.
Academy Museum education programs are supported by Apple, Kathy Fields and Garry Rayant, Miryam and Robert Knutson, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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