The Muppet Movie

In this first feature film starring the beloved Muppet gang, Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear journey through a cross-country road trip to Hollywood to make it in show biz. As they’re “movin’ right along,” they meet Doc Hopper, a frog legs salesman, who is intent on obtaining Kermit as a mascot by any means necessary. In their efforts to evade him, they meet Gonzo, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the Muppets with a series of star cameos along the way.

DIRECTED BY: James Frawley. WRITTEN BY: Jerry Juhl, Jack Burns. WITH: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson. 1979. 95 min. USA. Color. English. Rated G; suitable for ages 6+. 35mm.

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