The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 

Marking one of cinematographer Charles Lang’s 18 Academy Award nominations for Cinematography, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir employs stunning, moody black-and-white photography to realistically express the budding connection between the titular "ghost," played with an excess of snark and vulgarity by Rex Harrison, and Gene Tierney's headstrong Mrs. Muir. Regarded by composer Bernard Herrmann himself as one of his finest, the film's haunting, sweeping score carries throughout this heart-rending period romance, crafted lovingly by Joseph L. Mankiewicz in his second year as a director. 

DIRECTOR: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. WRITTEN BY: Philip Dunne. CAST: Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Edna Best. 1947. 104 min. USA. B&W. English. 35mm.
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