The Foul King (반칙왕) with Broker (브로커) 

The Foul King (반칙왕) with Broker (브로커) 

The Foul King 
Sick and tired of the mundane, exhausting life of being a white-collar bank clerk, Dae-ho (Song Kang-ho), emboldened by the new inspiration of becoming a pro wrestler, decides to follow his heart and revolt against daily norms. After starring in Kim Jee-woon’s debut film, Song Kang-ho joins him again in Kim’s second feature, The Foul King, and shines in his portrayal of an ordinary office man who goes through a revolutionary transformation of self-liberation, transitioning into the man he used to only dream of becoming. 

DIRECTED BY: Kim Jee-woon. WRITTEN BY: Kim Jee-woon, Kim Dae-woo. WITH: Song Kang-ho, Jang Jin-young, Park Sang-myun. 2000. 112 min. South Korea. Color. Korean. 35mm. Print courtesy of KOFA. 

Broker (브로커)  
In Broker, Hirokazu Koreeda’s authentic perception of humanity and human emotions is contemplated through an investigation of relationships in connection to one’s surrounding conditions. Song Kang-ho portrays Sang-hyun, owner of an old dry cleaning shop, who struggles through a dilemma involving criminal activity—selling orphaned infants. Song’s articulation of Sang-hyun’s inner journey is filtered through a rather minimal artistic language, and simultaneously carries appropriate weight of the complicated mental and physical traits of the character. 

DIRECTED BY: Hirokazu Koreeda. WRITTEN BY: Hirokazu Koreeda. WITH: Song Kang-ho, Bae Doona, Gang Dong-won, Lee Ji-eun. 2022. 129 min. South Korea. Color. Korean. Rated R. 4K DCP.

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