The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness 

The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness 

United States Premiere. Special guest: Introduction by director Lewis Klahr.

United States Premiere

Lewis Klahr is a Los Angeles-based collage artist who has been making films since the late 1970s. Drawing from a treasure trove of mid-century imagery clipped from the pages of vintage books and magazines, Klahr animates narratives that unravel like nested memories. His latest cycle of films—The
Blue Rose of Forgetfulness
—lives up to its enigmatic title and offers a fragmented poetry of detritus. Klahr teaches at the California Institute of the Arts School of Theater and is represented by The Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London.

“My latest feature length series of collage films, The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness, is a compilation of six films created between 2015 and 2020. Focused primarily around thematics of love, it is both porous and dense, a cinema of shifting moods and engagements that offers a tactile exploration of elliptical narrative. Like a waking dream, what can be clearly described in words is less significant than what can be felt.” — Lewis Klahr, August 2022

DIRECTED BY: Lewis Klahr. 2022. 63 min. USA. Color. Sound. Digital.
Academy Museum film programming generously funded by the Richard Roth Foundation.

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