The Bacchus Lady (죽여주는여자)

The Bacchus Lady (죽여주는여자)

Youn Yuh-jung’s third collaboration with E J-yong, The Bacchus Lady, centers on So-young, a woman in her 60s who hustles as a sex worker in and around a park popular to elderly men as a hangout. So-young is an embodiment of many lives of the marginalized and disenfranchised in modern Korea and despite her own life difficulties she extends herself and shares resources and kindness beyond her capacity. The bleak reality of So-young is cold and harsh but the world she creates is warm, humane, and graceful.

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: E J-yong. WITH: Youn Yuh-jung, Jeon Moo-song, Yoon Kye-sang, Ahn Ah-joo. 2016. 111 min. Korea. Color. Korean. DCP.

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