Teorema with Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca

Teorema with Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca

Terence Stamp stars as an enigmatic young man who suddenly appears in the palatial estate of a Milanese industrialist. Slowly, each of the inhabitants of the household—among them European cinema icons Silvana Mangano and Anne Wiazemsky—become obsessed with their guest. In the process, he also manages to awaken their consciousness to realities beyond their cloistered existence. Ennio Morricone scored six features for writer-director Pier Paolo Pasolini, and along with his original music, Teorema features Mozart's Requiem mass. 

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Pier Paolo Pasolini. WITH: Terence Stamp, Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti, Anne Wiazemsky. 1968. 97 min. Italy. Color. Italian. 35mm. Print from Cinecittà.

Fists in the Pocket
(I pugni in tasca)  
Lou Castel, a Colombian-born Swedish actor who had a long career in Italian films, stars in his first leading role as Alessandro, a troubled young man who plots to murder his dysfunctional family and himself in their remote villa. Ennio Morricone coats his sparing, eerie score for Marco Bellocchio’s disturbing directorial debut with haunting female vocals, sprinkling in discordant, jarring percussion to underscore Alessandro's fraught state of mind. Controversial upon its release for its dark themes and experimental approach to structure, the film has since been embraced abroad and nationally, where it was placed on the Italian Ministry of Culture’s list of films to be saved in 2008.  

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Marco Bellocchio. WITH: Lou Castel, Paola Pitagora, Marino Masé, Liliana Gerace. 1965. 107 min. Italy. B&W. Italian. 4K DCP. Courtesy of Cinecittà, 4K digital restoration
by Cineteca di Bologna with the support of Giorgio Armani.

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