Songs for Drella with Home of the Brave 

Songs for Drella with Home of the Brave 

Songs for Drella
Former Velvet Underground bandmates Lou Reed and John Cale reunited in 1987 after years of estrangement at the funeral of Andy Warhol, a complicated figure in both men’s careers. Cale and Reed’s reconciliation led to Songs for Drella, an hour-long song cycle of droll musical memories, some written as if recalled by Warhol himself. Filmmaker Ed Lachman (cinematographer, Carol) sets the duo apart on a bare stage in front of a screen flashing with pop art graphics in this deceptively simple piece recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and allows the cinematic, narrative lyrics to speak for themselves.

DIRECTED BY: Ed Lachman. WITH: Lou Reed, John Cale. 1990. 57 min. UK. Color. English. DCP.

Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson
More performance art than conventional concert film, Home of the Brave was conceived and directed by composer, musician, and artist Laurie Anderson as a delightful, visceral expression of her fascinations with the possibilities created when intertwining language and music with multimedia technologies and a childlike sense of play. Challenging traditional notions of what constitutes pop and upending assumptions of approachability, Anderson’s endless creativity overflows into 90 minutes of delightful costume changes, choreographed movements that incorporate herself and her musicians, dynamic projected animations, and bizarre vocal transformations for a one-of-a-kind window into the singular worldview of one of art pop’s greatest minds.

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Laurie Anderson. WITH: Laurie Anderson, Joy Askew, Andrian Belew, William S. Burroughs. 1986. 90 min. USA/Canada. Color. English, Spanish, Japanese. DCP.

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