Sherman's March

Selected by the Documentary Branch. 

Selected by the Documentary Branch.  
Like its subtitle A Meditation on the Possibility of Romantic Love in the South during an Era of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, Ross McElwee’s charming autobiographical essay on his romantic and creative failures is fittingly epic both in scope and length. A masterclass in personal filmmaking that elegantly eschews the pitfalls of egoistic impulses, Sherman’s March offers a captivating snapshot of Reagan-era Southerners in all their eccentricities in parallel to one filmmaker’s pursuit of what devolves into a Sisyphean vision. A Grand Jury Prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival, McElwee’s magnum opus was added to the National Film Registry in 2000.  

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Ross McElwee. WITH: Ross McElwee, Dede McElwee, Ross McElwee Jr., Patricia Rendleman. 1985. 157 min. USA. Color. English. DCP.   

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