Restoration World Premiere. Live musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.

Restoration World Premiere 

When American socialite Peggy (Billie Burke) is forced to move to quiet Scotland to live with her uncle, she scandalizes the community with her rambunctious ways. Peggy’s high-spirited demeanor and unapologetic ideals truly feel ahead of their time in this early silent picture. Once thought lost, the film was reconstructed from two safety elements held by the Academy Film Archive, with original color tinting reconstructed digitally. The main title card and final reel do not survive in any form, and these scenes were filled in with stills from the Margaret Herrick Library and text from the 1916 copyright registration.  

Live musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.

Note by Academy Film Archive Short Film Preservationist Tessa Idlewine. 
DIRECTED BY: Thomas Ince, Charles Giblyn. WRITTEN BY: C. Gardner Sullivan. WITH: Billie Burke, William H. Thompson, William Desmond, Charles Ray. 1916. 43 min. USA. B&W. English. Silent. 35mm. Restored in 2018 by the Academy Film Archive with restoration funding provided by the Louis B. Mayer Foundation.
Academy Museum film programming generously funded by the Richard Roth Foundation.

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