Selected by the Visual Effects Branch. Introduction by visual effects artist Michael Fink.

Selected by the Visual Effects Branch. 

This visionary silent classic from director Fritz Lang created one of the most iconic imaginings of a city of the future while telling a compelling story about the conflict between the classes. When a young activist named Maria tries to enlighten the workers about their oppression, the evil scientist Rotwang replaces her with a robot double designed to foment chaos among the oppressed. Pioneering cinematographer Eugen Schüfftan received the credit for the film’s impressive effects, which include elaborate miniatures of the futuristic city as well as the costume for the robot Maria, one of the most memorable artificial humans in cinematic history.

DIRECTED BY: Fritz Lang. WRITTEN BY: Thea von Harbou. WITH: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Gustav Fröhlich, Alfred Abel, Brigitte Helm. 1927. 148 min. Germany. B&W. Silent. DCP.
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