Kathryn Bostic scores Something Good - Negro Kiss and The Flying Ace

Kathryn Bostic scores Something Good - Negro Kiss and The Flying Ace

Composer and singer-songwriter Kathryn Bostic is the first female African American score composer in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Tonight, Bostic presents the world premieres of new scores to two films: Something Good - Negro Kiss and The Flying Ace.  

Something Good - Negro Kiss 
Believed to be the earliest cinematic display of Black affection, Something Good - Negro Kiss portrays the joyous embrace of tenderness between a well-dressed man and a woman in an ornate dress. 

DIRECTED BY: William Nicholas Selig. WITH: Gertie Brown, Saint Suttle. 1898. 1 min. USA. B&W. Silent. 35mm. Restored 35mm print courtesy of USC HMH Foundation Moving Image Archive. 

The Flying Ace
In The Flying Ace, the charismatic Laurence Criner plays a former World War I pilot-turned-maverick detective out to get a stolen satchel filled with $25,000 of company payroll and the gang of railroad thieves who took it. From the studio and director that made the now-lost feature Regeneration (1923), the film that gave the museum’s exhibition its name, The Flying Ace was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. A spirited entertainment with chases, aerial derring-do, romantic intrigue, and an evocative cast of characters, The Flying Ace was added to the National Film Registry in 2021.  

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Richard E. Norman. WITH: Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, Boise De Legge, Harold Platt. 1926. 65 min. USA. B&W. Silent. English intertitles. 35mm. Preserved by the Library of Congress.
Blüthner piano provided by Kasimoff - Blüthner Piano Co., Hollywood, CA

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