House (ハウス) in 35mm

House (ハウス) in 35mm

Perennial midnight fare at repertory theaters around the country to this day, Ōbayashi Nobuhiko’s indescribable psychedelic horror flick was first brought to the attention of the Criterion Collection, who, through their theatrical arm, Janus Films, brought it to the IFC Center in New York, where it had a sustained midnight engagement beginning in 2010 that continues to this day. House’s breakneck pacing, whiplash tone, and unpredictable plot about seven Japanese schoolgirls who visit an aunt in the countryside only to find her home infested with a supernatural presence is, as anyone who has seen it will insist, a singular cinematic experience.

DIRECTED BY: Ōbayashi Nobuhiko. WRITTEN BY: Katsura Chiho, Ōbayashi Chigumi. WITH: Ikegami Kimiko, Jinbo Miki, Ōba Kumiko, Matsubara Ai. 1977. 88 min. Japan. Color. Japanese. 35mm.

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