Holy Motors preceded by Diary of a Pregnant Woman (L’opéra-mouffe

Holy Motors preceded by Diary of a Pregnant Woman (L’opéra-mouffe

Holy Motors 
Mr. Oscar (Denis Lavant) is driven around the city of Paris by his chauffer, Céline (Édith Scob), in a limousine that doubles as a dressing room, full of costumes and props for his acting gigs, aka “appointments.” In a span of a day, Mr. Oscar transforms into nine diverse characters, performed in his elaborate disguises, constantly crossing over the blurred line between the worlds of reality and fantasy beaming through “the beauty of act.” 

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Leos Carax. WITH: Denis Lavant, Édith Scob, Eva Mendes. 2012. 115 min. France/Germany/Belgium. Color. French. DCP. Courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.  

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Diary of a Pregnant Woman (L’opéra-mouffe) 
Varda’s observational short film made up of juxtaposed staged scenes starts with images of a pregnant woman’s body, followed by images of a pumpkin that is cut open and gutted mercilessly. Diary of a Pregnant Woman is a gateway into the streets of “La Mouffe,” guided by the tender gaze of Varda, who was pregnant with her first child during production of the film. Varda’s sincere intention to fundamentally understand the disconnect between the disparity that exists in “La Mouffe” and the hopeful anticipation of happy lovers is conveyed without imposing subjective emotional or philosophical engagement. 

DIRECTED BY: Agnès Varda. 1958. 16 min. France. B&W. French. Digital. 

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