Grey Gardens

Selected by the Documentary Branch. Free for Museum Members. Special Guest: video introduction by co-director/co-editor Muffie Meyer.

Selected by the Documentary Branch. 
Free for Museum Members.

Edith "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale and her adult daughter "Little Edie," two relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy, were living in a dilapidated mansion in East Hampton, New York, when they became the subject of this one-of-a-kind documentary from directors David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, and Muffie Meyer. The combination of the Beales’ indelible personalities, the evocative setting, and the film’s high-wire mixture of dark humor and pathos has made this picture a classic, inspiring an HBO movie (with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as the Beales) and a Tony-winning musical. 

DIRECTED BY: David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer. 1975. 94 min. USA. Color. English. Rated PG. DCP.
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