Gallery Conversation in Partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center: Stories of PRIDE with Tre’vell Anderson 

Gallery Conversation in Partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center: Stories of PRIDE with Tre’vell Anderson 

Learn more about author Tre’vell Anderson and LGBTQ+ representation in film. 

The Education and Public Engagement team invites visitors to explore Stories of Cinema, the Academy Museum’s ongoing core exhibition that presents diverse, international, and complex stories of moviemakers and the works they create.  

Join us in conversation with author Tre’vell Anderson about LGBTQIA+ history and portrayal in cinema. The conversation will explore films, identity, and representation throughout the Academy Museum and film history.

Meet Tre'vell Anderson for an in-person book signing of We See Each Other: A Black, Trans Journey Through TV and Film. A groundbreaking look at the history of transgender representation in TV and film, by an of-the-moment and in-demand culture reporter. We See Each Other is a personal history of trans visibility since the beginning of moving images. A literary reckoning, it unearths a transcestry that’s long existed in plain sight and in the shadows of history’s annals, and further contextualizes our present moment of increased representation. The films and television shows that Anderson covers include: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997), Psycho (1960), Holiday Heart (2000), Boy’s Don’t Cry (1999), America’s Next Top Model, Some Like It Hot (1959), Survivor, Tangerine (2015), Pose, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and much more.

The conversation and book signing will take place in the Ted Mann Lobby on Lower Level 1.

Gallery Conversation is free with admission. Tickets for the book signing are $27 and include a signed copy of We See Each Other.

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