Full Moon in Paris preceded by You’ve Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know

Full Moon in Paris preceded by You’ve Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know

Full Moon in Paris (Les Nuits de la pleine lune) 
One of Éric Rohmer’s most renowned films, Full Moon in Paris has been heralded as “a small masterpiece” and “the very best of Rohmer.” Louise (Pascale Ogier), a young interior designer bored with her life in the sleepy suburbs, arranges to move back into her Paris apartment during the week. Balancing a steady boyfriend in the suburbs with a best friend, Octave (Fabrice Luchini), who makes plain his interest in her, and a bad boy musician who catches her eye at a party, eventually even the sophisticated and aloof Louise cannot untangle herself from the emotional realities of her various romantic encounters. 

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Eric Rohmer. WITH: Pascale Ogier, Tchéky Karyo, Fabrice Luchini. 1984. 101 min. France. Color. French. Rated R. DCP. 

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You’ve Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know (T'as de beaux escaliers, tu sais) 
“Come to the Cinémathèque. You won’t be disappointed.” Varda’s tribute to celebrate the Cinémathèque française’s 50th anniversary, narrated by Isabelle Adjani, is centered around its iconic stairs, as the title suggests, and contrasting them with a series of classic film images revolving around stairs. Three minutes are more than enough for Varda to deliver an homage while employing her magical cinematic language that embeds a playful and accessible gateway to the work. 

DIRECTED BY: Agnès Varda. WITH: Isabelle Adjani. 1986. 3 min. France. Color. French. Digital. 

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