Fanchon the Cricket with Rosita

Fanchon the Cricket with Rosita

Live musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.

Fanchon the Cricket
Once thought to be a lost film, this romantic drama about an untamed girl (Mary Pickford), whose reputation suffers due to the villagers’ perception of her grandmother as a witch, was located at the Cinémathèque Française in 2012, where nitrate dupe elements miraculously had been preserved. With vibrant colors recreated from the original tinting notes and a new score by composers Julian Ducatenzeiler and Andy Gladbach, this life-affirming love story, which finds Pickford onscreen for the only time with both her sister Lottie and her brother Jack, is further enhanced by Pickford’s captivating performance and an abundance of lush outdoor photography.

DIRECTED BY: James Kirkwood. WRITTEN BY: James Kirkwood, Frances Marion. WITH: Mary Pickford, Jack Standing, Lottie Pickford, Gertrude Norman. 1915. 74 min. USA. Tinted. Silent. English intertitles. 4K DCP. Restoration in 2007 by the Mary Pickford Foundation and La Cinémathèque française at the Immagine Ritrovata laboratory. Intertitles translated from the French duplicate kept at La Cinémathèque française. Colors from the incomplete copy kept at the BFI and the duplicate primers.

Live musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.
The King of Spain has designs on street singer Rosita (Mary Pickford), whose love for the penniless Don Diego (George Walsh) leads to the couple’s imprisonment. Marking historic moments both for director Ernst Lubitsch, whom Pickford brought from Germany for his debut Hollywood picture, and Pickford, who, at age 31, stars in her premiere adult role, this historical costume romance represents creative producer Pickford’s desire to create an enduring cinematic work. Met with commercial and critical success in 1923, the materials nonetheless fell into obscurity, recovered from Russian archives by The Museum of Modern Art and beautifully restored with recreated English intertitles.

DIRECTED BY: Ernst Lubitsch. WRITTEN BY: Edward Knoblock, Norbert Falk, Hans Kraly. WITH: Mary Pickford, Holbrook Blinn, Irene Rich, George Walsh. 1923. 90 min. USA. B&W. Silent. English intertitles. DCP. Restored by The Museum of Modern Art. Restoration funding provided by the Louis B. Mayer Foundation, RT Features, The Film Foundation, and the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation.
Blüthner piano provided by Kasimoff - Blüthner Piano Co., Hollywood, CA

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