Earthquake in 35mm 

Earthquake in 35mm 

A seismologist develops a method for predicting earthquakes, but too late to save the people of Los Angeles from a 9.9 on the Richter Scale catastrophe in director Mark Robson’s action-packed entry in the 1970s disaster boom. Charlton Heston leads the cast of familiar faces trying to survive amid the falling debris, but the film’s real stars are the Oscar-winning craftspeople—the visual effects team of Frank Brendel, Glen Robinson, and Albert Whitlock, and sound mixers Ronald Pierce and Melvin Metcalfe Sr. The film introduced the theater-shaking audio system Sensurround, which earned its creators a 1974 Sci-Tech Award from the Academy. 

DIRECTED BY: Mark Robson. WRITTEN BY: George Fox, Mario Puzo. WITH: Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Lorne Greene. 1974. 122 min. USA. Color. Scope. English. Rated PG. 35mm. 

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