Earth Day Family Workshop

Earth Day Family Workshop

The Education team invites families to join museum educators in celebrating Earth Day!

Our Earth Day workshop is inspired by the film WALL-E (2008). We encourage visitors to attend the screening at 11am in the Ted Mann Theater, presented as part of our weekly Family Matinees  film series. A separate admission ticket is required.

Our workshop will reflect on the importance of finding ways to take care of our planet. Families can participate by planting seeds in a variety of upcycled and recyclable containers.

The sound design in WALL-E is so memorable and central to how we experience the film that we will also be holding automated dialogue replacement (ADR) and Foley demonstrations!

ADR is the process of re-recording audio in a more controlled and quieter setting. Foley is the filmmaking technique of creating everyday sounds. We will be joined by Milly Iatrou, a supervising sound editor who specializes in ADR. Iatrou will be giving ADR and Foley demonstrations in the sound booths located in our Shirley Temple Education Studio for families to experience how sound is incorporated in film. Visitors can explore Foley art by using different objects and techniques to create sounds that match up with the actions in movie clips.

Milly Iatrou

Milly Iatrou was born in Astoria, New York. She studied filmmaking at The City College of New York. In the 1980s she moved to San Francisco and worked for Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope as an assistant editor, sound editor, and documentary film editor and at Pixar as a film editor. After moving to Los Angeles in the late 1990s, Iatrou focused on sound editing for feature films and has been working as a supervising sound editor since 2006. She's been nominated for two BAFTA awards for sound (La La Land, First Man) and two Oscars for sound editing (La La Land, First Man). She lives with her husband, R.A. Morgan, in Los Angeles, California.

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