Boomerang Family (고령화가족) with Lucky Chan-sil (찬실이는복도많지)

Boomerang Family (고령화가족) with Lucky Chan-sil (찬실이는복도많지)

Boomerang Family (고령화가족)
In this delightful family drama, Youn Yuh-jung is the mother of three “adult children” who are too old to be living off their mother, but they do. Boomerang Family surveys the dissonance that many families face in modern Korean society. In the film, each family member is forced to coexist when everyone is at their lowest point of life for different reasons. Under Youn’s sophisticated guidance, the cast members create a harmonious chemistry, which humanizes the complicated conflicts and seemingly hostile feelings often expressed against each other.

DIRECTED BY: Song Hae-sung. WRITTEN BY: Kim Hae-gon, Kim Jae-hwan, Song Hae-sung. WITH: Youn Yuh-jung, Park Hae-il, Yoon Je-moon, Gong Hyo-jin. 2013. 112 min. Korea. Color. Korean. DCP.

Lucky Chan-sil (찬실이는복도많지)
Chan-sil is a 40-something Ozu enthusiast who finds herself unemployed after the sudden death of her longtime employer, a renowned film director. Penniless, she makes desperate attempts to survive. Despite some existential disillusions, Chan-sil wants to move forward by living sincerely, committed to the modest, genuine values in her life. Inspired by her personal story, director Kim Cho-hee shares her candid insights into life through her portrayal of Chan-sil, underscoring her values of love and kindness, but also life’s random variables and unresolvable distresses, for a film that ultimately conveys a message of liberation, happiness, and decency.

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Kim Cho-hee. WITH: Youn Yuh-jung, Kang Mal-geum, Kim Young-min, Yoon Seung-ah. 2019. 96 min. Korea. Color. Korean. DCP.

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