Beckett on Film: Happy Days

Beckett on Film: Happy Days

In person: filmmaker Patricia Rozema

Billy Wilder Theater

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Conceived as a project to make 19 of Samuel Beckett’s plays available on film, Beckett on Film featured a different cast and director—drawn from theater, film, and other artistic fields—for each play. Happy Days is Patricia Rozema’s contribution to the canon, wherein she masterfully directs the plight of two characters stuck in the desert sand. Starring the captivating Rosaleen Linehan, this rarely screened TV movie is a delight of dialogue that purposefully uses the confines of the space, the situation, and the screen to bring the absurd to life.

DIRECTED BY: Patricia Rozema. WRITTEN BY: Samuel Beckett. WITH: Rosaleen Linehan, Richard Johnson. 2000. 78 min. Ireland. Color. English. DCP.

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