White Room

White Room

In person: filmmaker Patricia Rozema

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Bursting with charisma, incredible costumes, and a youthful energy, White Room is a modern fairy tale and deeply personal film that tackles obsession, passion, and celebrity culture through a multitude of genres. Norman is a naive writer who stumbles upon a terrible incident involving a famous singer. Through a series of events, he falls for a woman who has an unknown connection to the singer, while dealing with his own guilt of what he witnessed. “White Room is a semi-unknown masterpiece … A queer-coded character drama about sensitivity, identity, and idealism, its deeply moving arc needs to be more widely seen” (Grant Phipps, Tone Madison).

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Patricia Rozema. WITH: Kate Nelligan, Maurice Godin, Margot Kidder. 1990. 93 min. Canada. Color. English. DCP.

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