An Evening with Christine Vachon featuring Poison in 35mm

An Evening with Christine Vachon featuring Poison in 35mm

Pre-screening conversation with producer Christine Vachon, moderated by Kirsten Schaffer, CEO, WIF (Women In Film).

The producing prowess of Christine Vachon cannot be overstated, especially in discussions of the queer independent filmmaking space. Half of the two-woman team that founded production company Killer Films in 1996 (along with Pamela Koffler), Vachon has been the driving force responsible for bringing works by Todd Haynes, Tom Kalin, Todd Solondz, and John Waters into being. Her creative partnership with Haynes has proven to be her most lasting, collaborating on each of his 10 features. Haynes and Vachon’s first feature, Poison, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and nabbed the Grand Jury Prize, setting her on a trailblazing path toward a queer and independent cinema legacy.

DIRECTED/WRITTEN BY: Todd Haynes. WITH: Edith Meeks, Scott Renderer, Larry Maxwell, Susan Gayle-Newman. 1991. 85 min. USA. B&W, Color. English. Rated R. 35mm.

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