General Information

  • Is there accessible parking at the museum?
  • Is the museum accessible by wheeled mobility device?
  • Can I rent a mobility device?
  • What is the policy on electric mobility devices (EPMDs)?
  • Is my service animal welcome at the museum?
  • What’s the policy on tickets for caregivers of visitors with disabilities?
  • Are there benefits for CA EBT cardholders?
  • For visitors who are blind or partially-sighted, what options are there?
  • For visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing, what options are there?
  • For visitors with sensory processing disorders, what options are there?
  • Are there captioning options for programs and screenings?
  • Are there breastfeeding accommodations at the museum?
  • What Covid-19 policies are currently in place?

Supported By

  • Ruderman Family Foundation logo used for sponsorship recognition on museum programs.